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Solar system calulator

This website is an attempt to estimate solar system (also called photovoltaic system) costs and it's potential Return On Interest (ROI). You need to pick your location and fill in your monthly bill and you are done! This calculator is only an estimation of the components costs and should be used only as a reference. For detailed solar system plan contact your local vendor.

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Estimating your potential solar system cost and return on interest (ROI) fast and easy! And FREE!!

Location and system params

Location is based on Google Maps search engine, thus your GPS latitude and longitude is determined. PV system parameters include optimal PV panel tilt, recommended roof area for your power demand and peak power.

Solar irradiation

Global solar irradiation is derived from your location. The global dataset is provided by NASA sattelites and the data is available at: NASA Surface meteorology and Solar Energy: Global Data Sets

Cost estimation and ROI

The cost estimation approximates components needed for the solar system. Annual revenue generated by the system is calculated as the sum of kWh generated per day in every given month of the year, The Return on Interest (ROI) in years determines how many years it takes your solar system to 'pay for itself'.